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HIVE Airsport 3

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The sports headphones Niceboy HIVE Airsport 3 are designed to sit firmly in the ears even when playing demanding sports. They offer flawless, stable audio, and thanks to their watertightness, neither sweat nor rain present a problem. You can also use them to handle hands-free telephone calls. And together with the charging box, they offer up to 25 hours of battery life.

46 €

HIVE Bones 3

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The wireless Niceboy HIVE Bones 3 sports headphones send audio through the cheekbones, leaving the ears open to any surrounding sounds. This really comes in handy when exercising in loud places, as you can stay aware of the noises around you. The headphones are watertight and have up to 10 hours of battery life after a single charge. You can also use them to make calls, and thanks to their 16 GB internal memory, you can download music directly to the headphones and simply leave your mobile at home.

77 €

HIVE sport 2

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The Niceboy HIVE sport 2 are sportswear headphones, protected against bad weather thanks to their IPX5 degree of coverage. And, together with the headphones’ quality sound and battery lasting up to 16 hours, the Niceboy HIVE sport 2 will become your essential training partner.

27 €